Svenska Manometerfabriken (the Swedish Manometer Factory) was founded in Stockholm in 1914, by my grandfather and his business partners, based on a 19th century design. Ever since the Company was founded, almost 100 years ago, quality and customised service have been its watchwords.

Svenska Manometerfabriken AB manufactures pressure gauges and auxiliary equipment. Pressure can be measured in gas, liquid or mass, to ascertain power, weight, flow, and torsional movement.

Because we manufacture instruments for use in a variety of environments and contexts, with greatly differing requirements,over 90% of our products are custom designed.

Today, while still supplying pressure gauges of our own manufacture, our extensive network of contacts enables us tooffer any product relating to pressure gauging, through collaboration with manufacturers all over the world. We also collaborate with our customers in producing completely assembled measuring systems, packed and ready to sell complete with instructions, certificate etc. We can either procure the material ourselves, or use material supplied by the customer. Our list of customers includes Alfa Laval, ABB, Volvo, Saab, Siemens Elema, and SPX (Switzerland).

SMF is still a family business with long-standing experience of measuring devices. Our sales and service facilities are located in Stockholm, while production now takes place in the family’s ancestral village, just outside Leksand, in the Swedish County of Dalarna.

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Daniel Liss CEO

Video presentation (in Swedish)

SMF’s founder in its first workshop located in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.