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We know everything in pressure measurement! SMF manufactures pressure gauges and peripherals.
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SMF has provided Swedish industry with quality since 1914
We know everything in pressure measurement!

We manufacture our pressure gauges and peripherals in Leksand. Today, we are not only a supplier of self-manufactured pressure gauges but can, in collaboration with manufacturers all over the world, offer everything in pressure gauges.

We help you find the right manometer!

We produce, provides and performs

•Pressure gauges                                                                                       •Measure eqiupment

•Pressure transmitters                                                                                                   •Welding

•Pressure mediator                                                                            •CNC-turning and milling

•Timberscale                                                                                                      •Screen printing



Today, we manufacture products under our own name, but we also run contract manufacturing, with short lead times and high precision, we can ensure that you get the highest quality of your products. It does not matter if you come with a 3D file, paper drawing or an old detail and we will solve it


In-House manufacturing


Our products are manufactured and assembled by hand in our factory by our skilled staff with many years of experience. This is to be able to keep track of all stages, and to be able to make quality checks between all stages and ensure that the final product really has the highest quality



We perform checks, services and reparations from -1 Bar to 5000 Bar. Calibration certificate traceable to accredited laboratory, from -0,8 Bar to 4000 Bar.
We also provides accredited calibration certificates




Today we have a large stock with standard meters on the shelf, so that we can keep prices down and you as a customer should get as fast delivery as possible and the best experience

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