Quality System

The purpose of SMF’s quality system is to realize the company’s quality goals and function as a means of control throughout the business.

Performed according to written instructions.

Performed by employees who possess good knowledge within their own work area and feel responsible for their work.

Documented according to written instructions.

Business concept

To manufacture instruments for measuring pressure and other quantities, as primarily a subcontractor and secondarily for direct sales to end users.

Stocking of standard products.

Service / Calibration and repairs must also be part of our business.

Quality policy

Personal service to the customer and contact with the supplier.

Product quality acc. Swedish standard and to maintain with flexibility the product quality the customer wants.

To be able to adapt delivery terms to different customers’ wishes and needs.

To avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

Quality goals

A separate quality system.

Easily acceptable by customers and suppliers.

The same level of service for all customers regardless

Management review

Quality goals and function as well as information on: change, shortcomings and the like, are reviewed once a quarter with company management. Forum: quarterly meetings, the minutes are recorded.