Questions and answers about pressure gauges:


Q: What is a pressure gauges?

A: A pressure gauges is an instrument that measures pressure in fluids or gas.

In 1849, Eugène Bourdon invented the bourdon tube, which is the basis of all mechanical pressure gauges. You can read more here.


Q: Which pressure gauge should I use?

A: There are a lots of models. Contact us and we will help you find what suits your application.


Q: Which brands are there to choose from?

A: There are many different brands. We manufacture our own brand SMF (Svenska Manometerfabriken AB). SBG (Stewart Buchanan gauges Ltd) is another quality brand that we are the principal of in Sweden. In addition, we provide most brands and models such as WIKA, STIKO, Jako


Q: What is WIKA?

A: WIKA is a German pressure gauge manufacturer. They were founded in 1946 and have over 10,000 employees.

They have a number of factories all over the world that mass-produce large volumes of various gauges, e.g. pressure gauges and thermometers.


Q: What is a pressure transmitter?

A: A pressure transmitter is basically a diaphragm that separates the measuring medium from your pressure gauge.

This can be desired for various reasons. For example. You dont want to have food in a pressure gauges as it forms bacteria. With a pressure switch, you can easily wash out the system. Another reason may be that you measure e.g. dry cement. Getting cement into the pressure gauges is harmful to the instrument.


Q: When should I use a damped pressure gauge?

A: Fluid-damped manometers are used to obtain a smoother and more stable display during vibrations and / or pressure surges.

If the manometer is to be used below minus degrees, it is advantageous to use silicone oil instead of glycerin which is used normally.


Q: What is a calibration certificate?

A: A calibration certificate is a document that demonstrates whether the instrument matches its classification. These are available both as an accredited certificate and as a traceable certificate. The required certificate is governed by your control body. (Eg Swedac)